We have a Therapy Dog Training Program.
You can become a "Therapy Dog Team" to give love
to thoes who feel alone need it the most.
Help make a difference healing hearts.


These are dogs that were adopted and now have loving new homes.  They were trained to be therapy dogs here at “Castle Creek Cavaliers” they along with their new owners have formed a  “Therapy Dog Team” in “Sharing Puppy Love” non profit 
Which is a non-profit formed to share love and compassion to thoes going through hard times feeling alone. These teams go to hospitals, nursing homes, cancer centers, hospice, children foster homes, speach therapy, reading programs and where they are needed.



She is sooo loving cuddles up to everyone. As soon as you pay attention to her she flips over on her back so you can rub her belly. I call her “my Ellie belly”. She has passed STAR Puppy and is working with her new owner / handler to complete her certification.








“My little sweetie pie” She is the DIVA here When people come over with in 3 minutes she has found a lap to curl up on. She is one of the the regulars that sleeps with me at night, she has her spot ight right above my head. She goes everywhere with me, also one of the Therapy Dogs in “Sharing Puppy Love”non profit



Contact Information:
Merle Tucker
760 518-8160