Special Thanks to the families that have given my babies such wonderful homes & love and appreciate them as you have (makes me very happy)

Sharing Puppy Love Therapy Dog Training Program

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."


Oliver loves to go on his daily walks to the community parks, the lake and various other places so he can experience and explore new things. He has discovered hills, slopes, steps, and especially enjoys smelling flowers and now has an interest in birds. Oliver has met many doggy friends with his gentle approach. He likes his dog walking companion, a Yorkie, and his two Cavalier friends. Oliver takes great pleasure in meeting almost every person he sees so he can soak in their friendliness and petting. It is all smiles for everyone, as they admire his cuteness. He definitely is a ‘show-stopper’. His interactions with two elderly ladies have been very satisfying to all. He seems to naturally know his purpose. Oliver takes great pleasure in playing and sunbathing in his yard. It is a joy to observe his creative playing with his toys. Oliver and his owner enjoy the same things, thus it is indeed ‘A Perfect Match’!
Jane Peck…12/15/11
Lake Forest


 Hi Merle,
The girls are doing great….Macie is growing like crazy and over 10lbs already. Maybel is a bouncy happy little girl! Attached are a couple of photos of all five Buettner dogs.
In the chair…..Monty is my 4 year old who’s Daddy is Sheeba’s Special Inspiration. In the middle is Maggie, my 9 year old who is loving life as my parents therapy dog and them there is Meeko, Katie’s 3 year old rescue. Of course Macie and Maybel front and center!
Deborah M. Buettner ……5/18/10
Monterey, CA 93943


Hi Merle,
Not sure if you still remember us, Krystle and I bought a puppy from  you about a year ago. I have some recent pictures of Wynston that I  thought you might like to see. He is doing really well. He is  healthy and happy!!!
Nick & Krystal……1/30/10
Hi Merle,
  Wynston is doing great! We are so excited, our lease is up and  we are moving to a new apartment next weekend. It is a two bedroom  two bath with a large patio. Now I can install a doggy door and they  can go in and out freely. Wynston has now maintained a steady weight  for two weeks so we are thinking he has finally stopped growing. For  a while we thought he was going to be 25 pounds, but thankfully he  
stopped at 18.5 pounds. He is the most lovable dog I have ever met.  He always rolls on his back and wants to get rubbed all day long. I  attached a few pictures (today after I took them for a quick jog) and  will send a few more when we get at the new apartment. Can you email  me back so I know I have the right email address? Thanks, take care  and hope all is well with you and your cavaliers!
Nick and Krystle…….5/16/09


Hi Merle,
Finally some pictures for you. Gary took a bunch on his camera before but I didn’t have the cable to get them onto my computer. These are pix I took today. They are doing great and Beau’s appetite has kicked in pretty well. I usually hand feed him to get him started and give him a head start before Max tried to eat his own formula, the kibble and Beau’s food. I’ve nicknamed him Piggy Leonardo!
They have been exploring the full range of the back yard yesterday with Gary and today with me. They are good about avoiding the pool but I will not let them have free reign of the yard unless one of us is will them at all times. When the water gets a bit warmer, I will teach them the escape routes.  Here are some cute pix from today.
Liz and Gary Nugent….12/29/07 

"Beau & Max"

I hope all went well with Jewel’s puppies and I wish you a peaceful and 
prosperous 2010, with no mishaps or disasters !
Take care
Anne, Mr. Bingley and chubby Olli 
(stealer of anything that can be swallowed)………1/20/09

"Bingley & Olli"

Kate is a Perfect Dollbaby!!! She is one of the most intelligent dogs I’ve ever had, very curious and those looks from her…she is so very affectionate and loves to be held while drifting off to dreamland. She has her pen area, which is where she goes potty and has time out while mommy does things..but most of the time, she is in my arms. We have playtime..serious playtime about 4-5 times a day and it lasts for anywhere from 30 to 65 mins or so..b4 she crashes again…in my arms! (not kidding!) We both live for the playtimes!…she makes me laugh outloud. 
She loves Allie but I keep them separated and probably will until Kate’s teeth and temperment are a little more mature…only cuz I want them both to have positive experiences…but Kate LOVES having Allie around and this week, Allie has started sleeping by her pen whenever she’s in there…so sweet. I’m very careful about spending time with them both and they are never out of eyesight from each other…unless walking Allie…but when I get back, I usually find Kate sacked out on her pillow and blankey.
Kate sleeps with both me and Allie in the bed. I keep her crate on the bed with me and if she gets restless or I need to get up, she’s in there..but mostly…she’s a cuddle bug and curls up under my chin each nite. She likes to look over the covers and make sure Allie’s nearby, but she doesn’t move from her little area..amazing. Also..she has the most inquisitive eyes, when she looks at you..she studies first, she watches everything I do. She knows she’s loved and seems to feel very safe and secure…I don’t see any fear ever which is very comforting to me. All the wires are up off the ground and the house is puppy-fied!
As for the pottying??..omg…she’s sooooooooo good!!! As soon as she wakes up from her naps..I put her in the pen..she goes immediately. I change out the pads and clean and it’s ready for the next time. She’s so smart.
I love this dog and so happy that she’s a part of our family. She brings so much joy to my heart.
Thanks, wendy ….. 1/26/2010.


This puppy is awesome. Ate well, played until she
 fell asleep with a  toy in her mouth.
One #2 and three #1’s all outside!….
and Gizmo seems to like her too.
I’ll call you tomorrow!
Thanks for a fantastic new addition to our family!!!
Steven W. Lucas………….4/2/10
hi merle
steve and i wanted to say hello and find out how you are. 
Our beautiful Alyson(nee “gwen” is almost a year old now..
I’m going to try to send you pictures from my i phone..
let me know if you get them
hugs from the price family


Dear Merle, Thanks for the female we named “Blues”. I have attached to this message copies of the Vet Exam and Vaccination schedule for Blues as well the same documents for the male we named “Jazz”. I have also enclosed some pictures of Jazz and Blues. We are enjoying them very much and thank you for your allowing us to acquire them. If you have trouble opening the attachments let me know and I will mail copies. T hanks again, Bob & Doyleen Pace ……2/16/10

"Jazz & Blues"

Just thought I’d let you know Lily is doing great. She is the perfect addition to the family. Looks like her Dad! She’s a happy funny little dog. Spaniel to the core! She does love birds like you said.She likes long walks. She’s great for a good 3 mile walk with freinds and their lab and Labradoodle twice a week. She adores the big male dogs. Not such a fan of small dogs though. Hope all is well with her pack!
Crystal Hakes…………5/11/10


Hi Merle,
I have attached great photos of Stoggie and Shadow. They are awesome. more to follow.

"Stoggie & Shadow"

I will call you later today with more of an update, but I wanted to send you the attached picture and let you know that I think everything is going very well – better than I expected.
Last night she explored around the house, was definitely a little more reserved after we got in the house, but did play outside a little bit. We went to bed, and while she didn’t sleep all the way through the night, I thought she did very well. She slept with her head resting on my shoulder the whole night – precious. This morning she woke up and followed Sally around the house exploring everything – played outside, sat with me for a little bit, walked around to sniff out all the rooms. We tried to attempt a walk, but she was unsure of the leash, so we saved that for another time and just played in the yard.  
Surprisingly, she ate very well this morning (maybe from being carsick last night). She had some of the raw food you packed up for us and took everything immediately. We were with them until around nine and then left them out in the kitchen together playing with beds and blankets.
The neighbor came by around 10:30 and stayed with them for 45 minutes, took them into the backyard to play and then just sat with them. The dog walker came by around 1, and then our neighbor went back to our house around 3 (she is there right now) and is going to stay there for another 45 minutes to let them outside and sit with them. She said that they have been very good and she doesn’t think that Tiffany is that nervous anymore. The picture attached is the one she took whenever she came into the kitchen to take them out.
All in all, I think she is doing very well. I also think that having
Sally there makes a big difference. Sally is “showing her around the house” and really seems interested in making sure Tiffany knows where she is going and what she is doing. 🙂


Hi Merle,
Here is the picture of Lacy and Charmer. It was taken about 1 month ago.
I can’t say enough haw I appreciate your knowledge and insight about the Cavaliers. I respect your opinion more than the Vet and the obedience trainer.
Again I want to wish you a happy and healthy New Year.


Hi Merle,
Attached are a few pictures of Nigel. He is doing great at his new home! He is the sweetest puppy and has brought so much joy to our life! I took the week off from work, so we are spending quality time together. Our days are spent napping and playing with his toys. He is a smart dog and is already settling into a housebreaking routine.
We have an appointment with the vet on February 13. I will contact you following this visit and send you his veterinary evaluation.
Thank you for raising such a great puppy. We absolutely love him!
Kind regards,
Hillary and Brent McLoughlin…………2/3/10


Hi Merle,
I hope all is going well with you. I just thought I’d give you a little update on how well Jester is doing. While he is still quite goofy and fitting of “Jester”, I did end up renaming him because all the boys in our family (my brother and nephews) all have names that start with “B”, so he now answers to “Baxter” (it was close enough to Jester, while still meeting the qualifications of the Fabulous Baker Boys and my nephews Beau and Blake are now happy with that — all part of being a good Auntie). 
Baxter gains more and more self-confidence everyday, and is becoming quite the social butterfly on our walks. He greets people with a tail wag and sometimes a lick or two, and is very friendly with other dogs. He has made a few good friends around the neighborhood, but his best pals are me, my other dog Honey, my dog-walker Christina, and my Dad’s dog Sugar (a very lively Pomeranian who matches his every move with gusto and wears him out). Needless to say, he really likes to go to Grandpa’s house! He’s doing great with riding in the car now and gets excited if you ask him if he wants to go bye bye. Sometimes he rides shotgun and shares the seat with Honey, and sometimes he likes to have the whole backseat to himself. I just let him choose and am satisfied that he’s doing so well with the car! He’s even made pals with my housekeeper who takes them out for a walk after she’s finished cleaning the house (a nice gesture which I appreciate so I get to come home and enjoy my clean house rather than worry about the dogs messing it up). 
He starts his obedience classes next month, but he’s already doing wonderfully and I’ve begun investigating hobby agility classes for him after he’s completed that training. He has so quickly become completely bonded to me, I’m amazed. He is just the sweetest dog I could possibly imagine. He’s active, but still cuddly, and LOVES to play ball! He’s getting along great with the cat, and finally has stopped barking at my bird (he only did it if she flapped her wings a lot or got really vocal). He’s quiet otherwise, and only barks when appropriate (people arriving at the house, etc.) which is exactly what I want. He loves his extra long walks and going to the park. But, one of the most amazing things about him is that he has not had even one accident in the house!! He has learned the potty pad, but only used it twice (when I had a really long day). He waits for his walks, and he makes it all the way through the night. If he has to go, he signals at the door. He is absolutely fantastic! And, as you know as a Cavalier mommy yourself, EVERYONE wants to stop and talk to him and coos over how cute he is — it kind of weirds me out sometimes if they try to touch him, but generally it’s just nice to have your dog adored by all. 🙂
I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to adopt him. He is absolutely perfect!! I just love my little boy Baxter Baker.
Sandy…………..Aug. 13, 2009


Hi Merle,
The baby is doing perfectly! He had his rabies vaccination this past Saturday & weighed in at 9.3 pounds!! He’s a growing boy =) As I’ve mentioned before, he is an absolute joy and we are completely in love with him. He has met both my parents and John’s parents and some other family that has come to visit him and everyone thinks he is the perfect pup…of course I completely agree with them! 
I’ve attached some pics for you. Unfortunately I haven’t snapped too many good ones of Kingsley and I together but I’m working on it. I’ll continue to send pics your way =)
Carey………..April 23, 2012
Hi Merle,
Kingsley is doing wonderful! He has completed 4 weeks of obedience training and is sooooo smart! He continues to love playing catch with his tennis balls (his absolute favorite game to play) and spreads his time pretty evenly amongst all his other toys! As mentioned before, Kingsley is the perfect pup and has brightened my life since day one with him. He is so sweet and is the best companion I could ever ask for! We absolutely love him! Thank you again for bringing this little guy into our lives!
I’ve attached a recent photo of us together! 
I hope all is well with you! Thanks again!
Carey Scott……..5/23/12


Hello Merle,
This is a picture of our little girl Brandi with my sister Marlene at Fountain Care Nursing Home in Orange, Ca. Marlene, as well as her roommate Samantha have been confined to a bed for several years.  They really look forward to Brandi’s visits. Brandi is now five months old and is exceptionally well behaved during her visits. She brings my sister so much love and showers her with unending kisses. Thanks Merle for giving our family the opportunity to share our lives with Brandi.
She truly is a special little doll.
 Thanks again,
  Dave and Carrie McNeely……….5/9/2012


Hello Merle:
Thanks for your time yesterday, I appreciate the info. Here are some photos of Millie.
Millie turns one year old this month. We love her. She has a great life. Typically she begins the day with an off-leash run on the beach. She has made many human and dog friends. Millie loves the beach, especially on a day when the wind blows pieces of sea weed and debris around for her to chase. She also loves chasing a ball. She has provided endless entertainment for my kids and is a great source of comfort for them. I’ll write more…
Thank you for our wonderful dogs!!!!!!!


Hi Merle,
Bentley is doing great. The sod idea was genius. He’s pooing and peeing just fine. He loves him morning play times. A bit too early for me, but we’re slowly getting the time back a little later. He’s quite the cuddler in the evening. Love dog tv. When he sees another Cavalier, he growls and a bark or two…maybe he misses the gang.
Thanks for such a wonderful puppy. He comes when I call his name and follows me into the kitchen when he has some free play time. I limit the space and he has had no accidents.
There is a picture attached.


Hi Merle,
See attached. Oliver is doing great. He is part of the family and gets a ton of love. Can’t thank you enough for all of your support and guidance. He is the most popular dog in the neighborhood, as he is so friendly and just loves to be held. Please do let me know the dates of the classes you described when you get a chance.
Bjorn and Collette……….5/29/12


Hey Merle!
I just wanted to give you an update on our baby girl. We decided to name her Ivory, but we most always call her Ivy for short. She is doing so well and learning so much. Now that she has gotten her last set of shots she’s getting to experience a lot of new interactions and experiences. She loves speeding time outside chasing the butterflies and playing with our Golden. We recently took her to Lake Tahoe; she loves playing on the beach but is not too wild about swimming. And every night she sleeps with me on my bed.  
Also, I mailed the check for the kennel and her health certificate this morning.
Thanks so much for providing this little princess to our lives. Hope you enjoy the photos!…………..6/19/12


Hi – This is Callie writing you to tell you how much I love my new home! I have a new friend named Sparkles who is a fun Cavalier like me. I enjoy playing with her and I especially like to pull on her  ears and tail. She chases me around the back yard and teaches me  tricks. – She even taught me how to bark and swim. Amy and Sean are taking good care of me and I can tell they love me a lot. I get to cuddle, play, go in the car, go walking, and get all sorts of attention. Oh and I have some favorite toys too like my duck, squirrel, and ball. Even when they are gone, there is always someone home to be with Sparkles and I. You can see from the pictures that I am growing too! I miss all of my relatives back at Castle Creek so tell them hi for me! I promise to write and send pictures as I get bigger and learn new fun things. – Callie
Sean & Amy Oversmith    8/31/09
Callie & Sparkles
La Jolla, Ca.


 Hi Merle!
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my many questions about raising my
2 Cavaliers! Could you please send me a photo of Winstin and Gracie who are 
Bentley’s Parents. I want to include these photos in his album.
Thank you again!!

Desiree Gleason………………11/5/11
The adventures of Bella and Bentley!
Desiree Gleason……..6/6/12
Please let me know when the next training session begins for becoming a therapy dog!! I would 
like to bring Bella! 

Desiree Gleason………………….12/29/12

"Bella & Bentley"

Hi Merle, 
Piper couldn’t be a more picturesque version of a cavalier if you tried! In every way from appearance to temperament, she is the benchmark of the breed. We are so proud to have her as a part of our family, everywhere we go she is literally the highlight of everyone that we come in contact with’s day. Thank you for keeping in mind what we talked about and matching us up with our dream dog. 
David & Stacia………..7/00/12


Hi Merle,
We decided on “Lizzie” or The Grand Dutchess Elizabeth of Castlecreek. Lizzie is doing fine, we think. She’s 8.5″tall and about 13.5 inches long. She’s now playful and has explored the tightly fenced back yard (under supervision) and has today picked out her “poop” place at the edge of the patio on short grass. She’s been peeping on the patio but she’s had some accidents in the house. Last night she slept in her carrier box with interruptions for peeps in a “kitty box” in the upstairs bathroom.
She’s gone bye-bye a few times and loves it and all the “she’s so precious” attention she gets from everyone (with some promos for CastleCreek Cavaliers). She now has three toys to chew on and she’s a chewer. Toys are small and safe. She’s eating well though we backed off on the goat’s milk and yogurt due to runny stool. She’s vacating normally and regularly now. She loves to play and now allows us to pick her up quite easily and now knows our body odors as she finds a spot on the couch where we sit. She slept in bed for starters but now she’s doing well in her carrier box. 
We’re very vigilant about taking her out and now are giving her more time to do her thing. She’s eating well, maybe a slight pot belly developing. Treats are limited to rewards and she likes the chicken kibble only. She loves chicken livers, raw chicken, chicken loaf but not too hot on the salmon loaf.
She seems very happy and frolicky but sleeps very well too. We’re both nuts about her. Will send a photo in the next few days or so.
Barb and Al……….12/20/11
Lizzie at 9 months. She’ll be 1 year in September. She finally came into season about a month ago. She’s happy, playful and still mischievous.


Hi Merle,
Oly and Ivy have settled right in, and as you can see by the photo, are plum 
tuckered out (no pun intended – LOL)!
Thank you so much for bringing these little darlings into our lives!
Our love,
The McCormick Family………………………10/12/12
The pups are enjoying their first Christmas. All the best to you and your pack……………………12/25/13

"Ivy & Oly"

Double Hi Merle,
Things are going really well here. We did a little name change and she in now Penny. She has been adjusting real nice and is fitting in well with the family. She absolutely loves our cat Clawdia ( and she is growing on the cat as well). Today we went to the vet and got a clean bill of health, attached you will find the form he filled out. If you are able to we would really appreciate if you could sent some pictures from when she was younger. She is fantastic and we are just loving every minute of her being here 🙂
Thanks and if we have any problems i will make sure to contact you but right now everything is going good.
Stacie Johnston and Matt Waters……………10/15/12
I also attached a few pictures 🙂


Hi Merle,
I thought you might like an update on Bentley’s progress – he’s 7 + months old and doing great! He is the most affectionate, loving, and friendly puppy. Everyone around the area where he plays and where we take our ‘potty’ walks, knows him and comments on how friendly he is – and adorable. He is even ‘known’ to those who meet him for the first time – ‘oh, this must be Bentley” – he has quite the reputation. It’s a toss up between humans and dogs which he prefers most. He has excellent manners around people, and plays well with other dogs. He has several regular playmates – loves his playtime outside. His potty habits have been impeccable since about 4 months old. 
I couldn’t be happier with him as a companion. He’s doing well with training and is overall very well behaved. He sits under my desk when I’m home working.
He’s 14 pounds now, about double the weight that he was when I brought him home. I have included a couple of recent pictures of him.  
As a postscript, I ran into Monica who owns Rusty, Bentley’s littermate and were able to have a playdate.
Kind regards,
Jan Durso  10/19/12…………………


Hi Merle –
Paisley is doing great and settling into a routine now. The girls adore her and she was whimpering when the girls went into the school gate this morning as she wanted to come with them…it was so sad. 
 She is eating okay but not tons…seems to be still adjusting to her new surroundings. The cats have been really good with her and not hissing or scratching her so that is good news. Had one accident in the house but other than that she is pottying outdoors really well. Vet check was fine.. though they did find a parasite in her poop and I will mail you that paperwork soon.  
Sleeping about 6 hours through the night before wanting to pee pee (or play really) so hoping that stretches out a little longer as she gets older and can hold her bladder longer with age.
Here are a few photos.
Melissa Walker-Scott ………..1/21/ 2013
Well our little Paisley is now 5 months old and 11 pounds! We adore her and she loves us to pieces. She has just moved up from puppy manners class to the novice obedience class and is learning many new things. EVERYONE (especially other cavalier owners) stop us and tell us that she is the prettiest puppy ever! She is very loving and she loves to nibble on our cats ears..though not sure he likes it as much as she does. Here are some photos from our 
recent “new addition to the family” shoot.
Melissa, Russell, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4/9/13
Here is our update on Miss Princess Paisley Dandelion. “Paisley”  
She is doing great. We love her to death and she is by far the most popular dog at my daughters school. Every time I walk her to pick the girls up from school about 20 little kids yell “it’s Paisley!!!” And they come over and give her tons of hugs and kisses! She is one spoiled dog!  
She Just had her year vet check up and she checked out perfect. Ears, eyes, lungs, heart, coat, teeth, and poop!!! All perfect. She is now 16.9 pounds and her hair is really starting to fill in and look lovely. She is extremely well behaved, listens to commands. Brings me her leash whenever she needs to go out and potty. And sleeps with both of my daughters, changing beds nightly!! She only ever barks when the doorbell rings, loves our cats and all people. Is 
super super affectionate! I take her on about two to three walks a day and often pop her down to the dog park for some fun time, though she tends to just run up to the other dog owners and request pets instead of running around with the other dogs and getting dirty. She is sort of a clean freak. Hates dirt and getting her feet wet on wet grass!! We call her miss prissy pants!!!
She has actually made it down to Orange County to have a play date with her sister, who is also named Paisley!! How funny is that huh. They got along great and remembered each other.
So here is a photo we took at your place the day we picked her up a year ago on Feb 2, 2013 (the one where she is kissing Samantha and that’s your arm in the photo) and then here are two from yesterday I took at the dog park when she was being her snobby self and not waiting to play with any other breed but cavaliers!!!! Hahahaha
Melissa, Russell, Samantha 
and Charlotte Scott…………………………..2/5/14


Hi Merle –
How are you?? Checking in — Molly is growing everyday and makes us so happy! She goes everywhere with me and is an amazing traveler.She flew back east for the holidays and has driven twice between Los Angeles and Northern California. She loves to sleep, and at night when she can get away with it, she sleeps with her head in the crook of my neck. She has a little sideways prance when she walks and is just a lover.
With the craziness of holidays and prepping for Darrell to leave the country for four months of work, I haven’t yet had a chance to start obedience/therapy training, but when we get back up north in a week or so I’m hoping to get some scheduled. We’ve been having a lot of fun with basics though — she is very good with sit, down & stay, can most of the time do “over” (roll over) but is still learning to “come” with just the word. She does a good job when you have a treat or squeaky ball in your hand though!
I hope you enjoy some pics of her. The first one was taken about 2 weeks ago when she was sleeping on my lap on our drive back to LA; the second is her watching tv with me and my mom’s dog sugar. They are very good friends! I had some other pics to send you but our server at home crashed and I can’t access it right now. When it’s up I’ll send you one of Molly on her almost daily walks in the woods when she is running and at her happiest chasing birds and leaves. 🙂 I think she fancies herself a true bird dog.
Hope all is well with you and the pups!
Megan & Darrell…………………….2/3/11
Hi Merle,
It’s Megan & Darrell who own Molly!! I wanted to let you know that we spayed Molly and I’ve been meaning to send the paperwork to you to get her official papers from her breeder. In terms of update, she is tiny as far as the breed goes and we try to spoil her with all kinds of food but she is stubbornly petite and we love her for it. I understand why you didn’t think it was fair to have her breed!!! But she is happy and her skin and coat are beautiful and her personality is cuddly and excited and totally super active and I can’t imagine my life without her. I finally have an understanding of what it must feel like to have a child where you can’t possibly imagine how they weren’t a part of your life before!! We are finally starting official obedience courses in the next week or so and have yet to take her to therapy training, although we still hold out interest. She has been to Darrell’s grandfather’s home and has been a joy to all who have met her; she is mellow and happy and runs around with her tail wagging like a long-haired periscope!
I’m writing because I periodically check back at your website (yes, we think about getting another dog and a companion for miss moll) and I wanted to know about Bently? What is he like? What size do you think he will be? What are you asking for him? We’re not yet convinced that we want to share Molly but we so love having her and think about life with two — especially for her to have a playmate…he look so cute and stout and serious…i was a little smitten. The other little face I might have potential in is Lacy, but I like the fact that Bently is older…
I look forward to hearing from you! (I attached a pic I took yesterday of her having fallen asleep on the gearshift while I drove as well as what she looks like in the morning. :-))
hope all is well with you!!


Hi Merle, 
Kingston had a fun time with 6 dogs at a picnic area where I live. He is now in obedience training and walks at the beach. Learning a lot and doing well with his eating. I got the doggy door at home depot and I thank you for your help in advising that situation. Hope you and the dogs are well and I will keep in touch. 
Karen & Kingston………4/12/13
Hi Merle, 
Here is my birthday shot with Kingston! He was great with the babysitter and Kingston were fine. She came early and did what you told me to do. He seemed relaxed when I got home, Thanks, Karen…………………4/28/13


Abby is doing amazing. The kids adore her and she is just the sweetest. We couldn’t be happier. She is adjusting to life with us. Potty training is coming along, she’s found comfort in her den for resting and is just so sweet. She’s very mellow, but also so playful at the same time. I haven’t gotten to many pictures of her with the kids but I took an adorable one of her yesterday. The second one is the night I got home with her with my daughter Cambria.


" Abby"

Dear Merle,

I am writing to let you know that we are extremely happy with our choice of acquiring our new baby angels and magnificent puppies, Zebel and Ziba from you. Not only they are extremely beautiful and adorable but also very affectionate, smart, playful and total joy to have around.

One can make a comedy TV series from their constant playing with each other. We made a smart decision getting the two of them together as they keep each other’s company, they love each other, and I believe are much happier this way.

I also want to let you know how much we appreciate your constant support and advice. You have always made yourself available either by phone or e-mail on a daily basis form the first day we brought them home and your wisdom and knowledge has been and is an extremely valuable asset the we can count on for raising Zebel and Ziba in a proper manner and ensure their health and well being.

Once again, we really appreciate what you do for your dogs and our puppies and we are grateful.


Farzad Naeim, Ph.D., S.E., Esq……….6/26/13

Hi Merle!

Just wanted to send you some pictures and updates on our two kiddies Zebel and Ziba. We all love taking naps together and cuddling and they just got their first collars last week. Zebel is super curious and loves the outdoors, but Ziba is a little more nervous, so we have to coax and praise her lots on walks.

Overall we just love their melting eyes and their hilarious personalities. One question we had so far is that they are great eating out of the same bowl for times, but the only thing we’ve noticed is if we give them a big piece of texas taffy or a bone to keep the occupied for a while they are soooo excited at first, to the point that they get into fights over it! Nothing too major, we’ve pulled them apart the few times it’s happened, but any advice on preventing this from getting worse? Thanks for everything!

Mana ……………………………….7/22/13

"Zebel & Ziba"

Hi Merle,
Happy Easter!! Here is a photo of Ali and Abbey this morning ( Abbey at 7 months…Ali..almost 17:):) Also a couple of Abbey,earlier, around 5 and 6 months.
Rita Marr…………………3/31/13

Hi Merle!

Just wanted to send you some pictures and updates on our two kiddies Zebel and Ziba. We all love taking naps together and cuddling and they just got their first collars last week. Zebel is super curious and loves the outdoors, but Ziba is a little more nervous, so we have to coax and praise her lots on walks.

Overall we just love their melting eyes and their hilarious personalities. One question we had so far is that they are great eating out of the same bowl for times, but the only thing we’ve noticed is if we give them a big piece of texas taffy or a bone to keep the occupied for a while they are soooo excited at first, to the point that they get into fights over it! Nothing too major, we’ve pulled them apart the few times it’s happened, but any advice on preventing this from getting worse? Thanks for everything!

Mana ……………………………….7/22/13

" Abby"

Hi Merle,
Just checking in and giving you a progress report. Pace is such 
a sweetie, and he is adjusting to his new family. Getting lots of 
attention and love. Didn’t have much of an appetite yesterday 
and this morning, but ate well this afternoon and evening. He 
sure loves poached chicken, and gnawing on his Texas toothpick!  
Charlie, our other Cavalier is not sure what to make of Pace, 
but is tolerant. We are trying to give Charlie extra attention too.
Here are some pics. More to come…
Thanks for such a great addition to our family!
Kara, John, and Grace ,,,,,,,,,,,, 8/17/13
Hi Merle,
Pace is doing well. He has a new name now. We call him Linus. It took a week for everyone in our family to agree on a name (although I personally like the name Pace). Linus went to the vet and he is healthy and energetic, and no parasites. He’s chewing every shoe he can get his teeth on, but we have acquired lots of chew toys to divert him.He and Charlie are getting along well now, but it was an adjustment for Charlie. But now Charlie has become very sweet and protective of Linus.I have a dog trainer coming to the house (since Linus doesn’t have all his shots yet) and she is training both dogs with me. I am impressed by how smart these dogs are when there is good communication! Linus knows sit, down, stand, touch (come), watch me, stay, leave it, and drop it. We are having fun practicing their new skills so far. We are loving this little guy!
Have a great weekend,

" Pace" /"Linus"

Hello honey
Steve and I have been keeping up with the new pups via your website.Hope you are well..our baby is doing great and everyone who sees her has to hear all about her. I give your name to everyone who asks..one gal at the hairdressers was very interested,called to get your number and told her to use my name. People are funny and often don’t follow up..Steve and I will come to see you near the summer just so you can get a look..he sent you some pictures..she is one beautiful girl! write when you have time to let us know how you are
hugs from us both
Deedee and Steve and of course,ally
Deana Price………………1/13/10
Your little gwen  Hugs
From Deedee and steve price………………..5/15/10


Good morning Merle,
Just to let you know our little girl is eating like a horse an had wonderful poop once again. We found the trick to get her eating. Feed her 
and her brother at the same time. She likes teasing him that she eats more. And she’s growing so much too!! We are so grateful for her and thank you again so much. She’s turning into a very special ad affectionate girl. You’re love at an early age towards her shows tremendously as she gets older. We look forward to seeing you and everyone in a few weeks. 
In His grace and love,
Tim Phaler…………………………………10/25/13
Merry Christmas Merle!! Here’s a picture I know you’ll enjoy. We love our little special girl so much and are so grateful for you this year!
In His grace and love,
Tim Phaler………………………….12-25-30
“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory 
forever. Amen”
Romans 11:36

"Briar Rose"

Just wanted you to know that King is doing so well. He’s perfect in every way. He is so sweet. He sleeps all the way through the night, no crying at all. He’s been like that since the 1st night!! 
Thank you for taking such good care of our baby…it really shows how well you care for your pups. 
Alexis, Terry and King………………………………..11/5/13


Dear Merle,
We just wanted to let you know that we love Bentley! 
Further, in the last few weeks we have obviously been extremely busy. We took Bentley to the vet on Tuesday, November 5, as evidenced by the attachment. However, I forgot the form; would you still like the vet to fill it out next time? She said everything was good, although his ears were a bit dirty.
Moreover, we have registered Bentley with the AKC.
Also, please find attached the picture you took for us, as well as a new picture!! If you want any more pictures, let us know! 
Thanks again,
Rex & Megan…………………………..11-17-13


Hi Merle, 
I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Thanks so much for all the hard 
work you put into your beautiful puppies. Missy is a treasure! 
She is our best friend and makes us happy every day. She is smart, curious, friendly, sweet, and perfect! We all love her!
Blessings to you from 
Missy, Carol, Steve and Christian………………..12-22-13


Hi Merle, 
I have been meaning to send you an update on Tilly. She is such a wonderful addition to our family and such a sweet puppy! We have really enjoyed the last 2 weeks having her. The kids stay engaged with her and play with her in the afternoon and evening, they really wear her out! 🙂 They love playing ball with the mini tennis balls and running around in general. She is also a great lap dog and has taken many naps on my lap or chest during the day. When I am sitting at my desk, like now, she loves to lay at my feet and relax. Oh how I love it. She is a sweet companion for me and our family
We have tried getting her use to the leash to go for walks, but she wants nothing to do with any of that right now. She makes it out the front door and down the sidewalk then sits down. We will keep gently trying to get her use to it, but she seems to not like the leash! We took her to the park last week and she stayed with me on a blanket while the kids played. She loved sleeping in the sun beam, wish I would have gotten a picture. She was just adorable sitting in the breeze with the sun on her – sleeping. 
She loves to eat scrambled eggs and grilled chicken! The Balance RAW Chicken roll was thawed out 2 days ago, man she loves that! I am not sure if that is something I should feed her on a regular basis or not, maybe you can let me know. I have read that chicken livers should only be fed once or twice a week due to their fat content. But I have some cooked and ready to go since she loves those as well. 
She is doing very well at house training and we have hung a jingle bell on the back door to train her to ring it when she wants to go out. Yesterday she started hitting it to go out and as soon as I opened the door, she went out and went pee. Wow! It works! See pic 
I have been letting her out at night to go potty to help with training her at night too. She has been doing really good. 
She has been teething like crazy and biting a lot. We have bought her some teething toys and biscuits and trying to re-direct her chewing to something of “hers” and not my shoes, ears, chair, stucco, etc.  
Thank you for breeding such loving dogs!


 Lol! He starts in the bed, and always works himself out of it. He rarely stays in it all the time he’s sleeping. At some point he gets up and plops down somewhere else around the bed. He’s pretty funny! 


Hi, Merle,
How are you? 
This is 9-month-old Molly. She is definitely abeauty now. I hope you like her new picture. Have a good night. 


Hi Merle,
Just a note to let you know Arthur is doing just fine. As you can imagine, he’s into everything, but a real joy to be around.
I have exercised him every day, several times a day. Is it to soon to walk him on a leash? 
Hi Merle,
Just a couple of pics of Arthur. He’s doing fine. 6 months old and 17 lbs.  Hope all your dogs are doing good..and you too!
Take care,  
Dennis & Shirley……..7/5/10


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