Breed Information

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are one of the oldest of the toy spaniel breed. Cavaliers have made a real comeback since 1928 when the breed was resurrected from almost total extinction. Cavaliers are noted for their mellow, affectionate, and very loving dispositions. They are happy, fearless spaniels who enjoy playing with children as well as warming the lap of an adult. The Cavalier is a highly intelligent and good natured little dog. They are usually twelve to thirteen inches tall, and weigh twelve to eighteen pounds. Characterized by long flowing ears, and large soft eyes, Cavaliers come in four colors: Blenheim (pronounced Blenheim; chestnut red and white), tricolor (black and white with tan points), ruby (all red), and black and tan. Their personality is much like a Golden Retriever; loving, devoted, quick to learn and eager to please. They travel well and are a perfect companion for both active and sedentary lifestyles. They love children and other pets and are NEVER cross or snappy. They make good watchdogs as they will bark to alert, but do not keep on yapping like many smaller breeds are known to do. They require no professional grooming and have a soft, lustrous odor-free coat. They do shed, but not excessively. They housebreak quite easily and are very clean natured, making them the perfect house pet. They are a hardy, healthy breed with few genetic problems. Unfortunately, like many small breeds, they can develop heart murmurs due to valve disease. The CKCS Club and our members are actively working to eliminate this problem in the breed. Some bloodlines seem to be clear of it and other more prone to it. By selective breeding, it may someday be eliminated. Even with the murmur, dogs can live a normal life span and sometimes require medication to control it. Average life span is 12-14 years. Cavaliers can be extremely silly and comical. They bring joy and laughter to many households. They love to snuggle and are the ultimate huggable lapdog. They are NOT an independent breed and they do require companionship. They should never be left outside in kennels and must be treated as a family member. They prefer to sleep in their master’s bed and be by his side most of the time. Those dark Spaniel eyes can melt anyone’s heart! Yes, Cavaliers are more expensive than many breeds. This is due to very selective and limited breeding, extensive health checks and limited supply. We hope to keep them out of puppy mills, pet shops and dog pounds. Owning a Cavalier is like owning a work of art, only this one will love you back.

Contact Information:
Merle Tucker
760 518-8160