"Dogs are not my whole life, but they make my life whole"

New information! We just moved to beautiful De Luz which is in Temecula. We are on over 6 acres, on top of a hill with lush green views. It’s been a lot of work moving all of us here, but we are all settled in now and I can now focus on placing puppies in their forever homes.

My name is Merle Tucker and want to thank you for viewing my website. I have been a breeder of Cavaliers for over 18 years now and through time like anything else have learned a lot about this breed, I hope I can help give you information.
Castle Creek Cavalier puppies are provided individual, loving attention inside my Temecula CA home, and develop their beautiful and healthy physiques and temperaments as they run free and play in their acre-plus park-like yard. No cages for these kids! They are from healthy (eye, heart, patellar and hip clear), predominately champion pedigrees, and are treated with their well-being always in mind, as part of my family until they become part of yours.

All dog breeds have their list of health problems. Cavaliers do have genetic issues to be concered about as well. To help reduce the chances of producing puppies with health issues it is vitally important to breed healthy sound dogs that have been clear several generations back. The more rapital breeders are going to go to specialists to make sure the dogs they are breeding are clered of these issues, must go within the year of breeding. This is called getting OFA certifacation.
Show breeders are the only breeders that really care about breedng healthy dogs, they put their time and money to start off with a quality foundation of dogs to begin with. Their agenda is not to just produse puppies to sell. They want to preserve the health and improve the breed.
ALL our dogs are OFFA Eye, Heart, Patellar and Hip certified. I am committed to continually produce healthy, beautiful Cavaliers, keeping to the breed standard. To help achieve this we do show our dogs and have produced as of yet 15 AKC champions here at Castle Creek Cavaliers. I show my dogs for the sole purpose to have worthy dogs to breed them to the top Cavaliers in the country, which I have been doing for the last 10 years

We would love you to come and visit our happy home, meet the most affectionate
canine family and fall in love. Make one of our happy, enchanting, soulful
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels from Castle Creek Cavaliers to be your very own!

Contact Information:
Merle Tucker
760 518-8160