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You, the buyer, must have a licensed veterinarian examine the puppy within 4 days of arrival. Failure to have an examination means that you accept the puppy as healthy and fulfilling all your needs. The puppy is guaranteed to be of any known hereditary or life threatening defects for one year. If such a problem should arise, we require a statement from a licensed veterinarian as to the fault and reserve the right to a second opinion. If in the Veterinarians are in agrement we will replace the puppy with one of the same gender and color as soon as one becomes available. All AKC  Papers must be returned. The buyer will be responsible for the Veterinian costs and/expense of returning the animal. 
 I have made every effort to provide you with a healthy puppy  &  guarantees that vaccinations and worming have been given as stated on vaccination schedule. 

I have examined the following puppy and have found it to be in the condition indicated below.

Owner’s Name  ______________________________  Pet Name  ___________________
Breed  ________________  Weight  __________  Temperature  __________ 

  • Attitude of puppy is (bright , alert &  friendly)_______________________Normal
  • Auscultions of heart  & lungs checked_____________________________Normal
  • Eyes,ears,nose & throat  _______________________________________Normal
  • Musculo sketal system (Hips,knees & patella's) ______________________Normal
  • Neurologic System____________________________________________Normal
  • Skin_______________________________________________________Normal

                      * The pet examined is in good health. I do not find any problems of significance.

            * The pet examined has the following minor health problem(s). These do not constitute a 
health risk and can be easily and inexpensively resolved.
 I do not recommend that the pet be returned to seller.


                * The pet examined has the following major health or genetic life threatening problem(s).  
I recommend that it be returned to the seller immediately.



Date_________________20____                      Time____________________
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