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·AIRLINE APPROVED CRATE (medium size) to be used for ALL CAR TRAVEL for your dogs’ safety. Please do not use crate as a tool for adverse training or punishment. Crate should have soft bedding and never newspaper. Puppy needs to be let out for  "potty time" every 2-3 hours, depending on the puppy's age. It is VERY CRUL to leave puppy longer , CAN NOT HOLD IT ALL NIGHT!!!  Crate or bed inside X-PEN  is what I suggest

·FOOD AND WATER BOWLS; made of china or steel. (Plastic can cause plastic dermatitis)

·WATER; Bottled fluoridated water is recommended for healthy teeth.

·TOYS: baby safe type with no small parts to choke on or swallow.

·FOODRaw is highly recommended!! I can go over this with you. You will get a suggested list of foods and treats to feed your new puppy. If you choose not to feed raw I recommend Royal Cannon #33 mini, then later try Natural Balance Potato & Duck (mini bites), dry puppy food 4 times a day when young and tapering off to 3 times.  (I add roast chicken  or cooked chicken livers or cooked beef  livers & probiotics /enzymes). 
At  5 months feeding twice a day. Too rich a diet or too much food can cause rapid growth, thus larger size and bone/joint troubles. Some people prefer to feed Cavaliers people food --this is fine if you serve lean meat  and vegetables. A Nu Vet vitamin tablet should be included in this diet .

·SUPPLEMENTS: We use "Nu Vet"  multi vitamin supplement & Pobiotics & Enzymes Amiga 3 Oil 

·GROOMING ESSENTIALS; Soft natural bristle brush. Any quality brand mild puppy  or baby shampoo and cream rinse, ear cleaner.

·DENTAL; Tooth brush teeth cleaning kit.

·X-PEN or child safety gates to keep puppy off of carpets or taboo areas. Please find a safe place without electric cords or unstable items. Puppies will chew on furniture, cabinets and anything they can get in their mouths. I recommend a X-pen over a crate until the puppy is 4-5 months, keeping bed and food at one end and news paper or pee pads on the other.  This method you can leave puppy at night.  Puppy can relieve itself (everyone can get a good night sleep).

·FIRST AID KIT; Kaopectate, Kwik-stop blood stopper, Benedryl caps for bee stings, Hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting, phone numbers of your vet, your local emergency clinic and poison control center.

·YARD CHECK; for poisonous plants, secure fencing, and hazards.

·A CUDDLY PUPPY to go along with all this equipment.
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