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At Castle Creek cavaliers our mission is to produce puppies of superior quality to fulfill the pleasures of the most discerning pet owner. We go to great length to select the proper parents free of faults and full of desirable traits along with temperament and personality that is relaxing to be around. We work hard from the time they are born until they leave our home to ensure that each puppy is developed as an individual and love to be with people yet well mannered. We believe that all these things are important to you, the new owner to make your adjustment and new addition the most pleasurable experience you have ever had.

New Owner:______________________________________________________________________
Breed: ___________________________DOB:____________Sex:_______Color:______________

​Date of Transfer:___________SalePrice:_________Deposit: _________Balance__________ 
 Limited Breeding/Show Rights _______family pet and will not use dog to breed.    

Puppies AKC#:______________________Puppies Name:_______________________________

***(Requires this puppy to be spayed or neutered when puppy is between 8-12 months )
Copy of the Invoice showing procedure was done must be scanned and e-mailed or copy mailed to: 3553 Hollyberry Dr. Vista Ca. 92084. Must be mailed completed by the time the dog is 18 months old. $1,000 Penality if this is not done.

****If dog is used to breed there will be a $2,000 fine and puppies must to be returned to breeder.

Buyer understands the the puppy being purchased can be a fragile breed.  Furthermore, buyer understands additional care will be needed to insure health and well being of said puppy. The first few week let puppy adjust to new surrounding and be in home with puppy to ease the stress of the transition. 

Names and Registration Numbers of parents of:______________________________
​Sire:  _______________________________     Sire AKC Reg.#:   _____________________________
Dam:  ______________________________     Dam AKC Reg.#:  _____________________________

Seller states the puppy you are purchasing is healthy at the time of sale.  Once the puppy leaves the sellers premises, it is under buyers control.  Notice of any problem with puppy must be received within 72 hours in the manner described below.  All puppies have worms and possible parisites.  We have treated all adults and puppies with Panacur, Albon and pyrantal for parasite prevention control.  Fleas, worms and paricites must be controlled and medication for provention will need to be continued for the life of the dog.

1. Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a reputable veterinarian within 72 hours from the time of the purchase and to have the Veterinary Examination Report completed by the attending veterinarian. This report must be returned to seller immediately following the examination. Failure to return written report within 4 days exam invalidates this contract. This report may be scanned and e-mailed or mailed to: castlecreekcavs@aol.com 3553 Vista, Ca. 92084 Phone: 760 518-8160

2. If this veterinarian establishes a MAJOR life threatening problem with the puppy upon initial examination, puppy needs to be returned immediately. We will take the puppy in for a second opinion and if the Veterinarians are in agreement we will replace the puppy with one of same gender and color as soon as one becomes available. (Internal, external parasites and kennel cough excluded, please contact breeder for assistance for these issues).
3. Puppy is guaranteed for 72 hours from date of purchase against infectious diseases such as Parvo, Corona or Distemper.
4. Puppy is guaranteed for 1 year from DOB against life threatening genetic defects. Puppy must be returned unaltered if returned before puppy is 8 months. 
5. All veterinary expenses and / or shipping are the responsibility of the pet owner.

Seller will consider a replacement puppy only if the conditions detailed in the “Health” section are met. If the puppy has not visited the Veterinarian as agreed, within the 72 hour time frame time frame, and Seller immediately following exam has not received the Vet Exam Report, NO exchange will be considered. 

1. To return a puppy, notify us by phone prior to return. The original veterinary report and registration papers must be presented with the puppy. 
2. Buyer will be given a replacement puppy of comparable size and value. (If replacement puppy is not available at this time, Buyer will be given a voucher for puppy and notified IMMEDIATELY when comparable puppy is available). ALL exchanges are limited to a puppy of the same value or purchase price of the puppy. 
3. There will be no guarantee made as to disposition, conformation,size,color or breeding ability of this puppy.
4. In the event of death of a puppy within the 72 hour quarantee period, Buyer will take the deceased puppy to a veterinarian of his choice for the purpose of an autopsy at Buyers expense.  The deceased puppy must be returned with the statement from the veterinarian with cause of death.  If the puppy died of natural causes of a warrantable contition, a replacement puppy will be provided to Buyer.  However, if trauma or neglect is found to play a role in the demise of the puppy in any manner or fashion, then no exchange will be forthcoming.  Additionally. Buyer agrees to hold Seller harmless for such.  Puppies are not exchanged for any reason.
5. If you live in a apartment complex, or any other residence that may restrict pets, you are affirming that you have received permission from the proper authority for this puppy.

I have read, understand, & agree to these terms and limitations. I consider this to be a legally binding document. This agreement is made and entered into in the State of California and shall be enforced and interpreted under the laws of this State.

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