Bella & Winston had alarge litter of 7 babies born May 10th, both blenheims and tris  
 Ask about "Sharing Puppy Love" ... non-profit
 We have a Therapy Dog Training Program here at 
Castle Creek Cavaliers. I want more people helping other people.
This is my whole agenda for breeding Cavaliers. 
Adopt a puppy and train to become a 
"Therapy Dog Team" 
There are so many people who are struggling feeling alone in facilities. 
Help make a difference healing hearts. 

Cavaliers Are Here To Put a Smile On Your Face & Open Everyone's Heart!
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Adoption FormUpcoming Litters

Here are some puppies from previous litters, all are in their new forever homes.   They will be the special part of a "Therapy Dog Team" 
sharing their gift of love.


All of our dogs are AKC registered OFA heart, eye and patelar & hips certified. 
Many of my dogs are MRI tested and cleared for SM. 
Puppies are placed in pet homes only, with spay and neuter contract. 
I do not ship my puppies. Cavaliers are not like other dogs you may have had in the past, they are more like a 4 year old and must be home to take care of them. 

Thank you for your interest in our puppies ! We strive to produce gorgeous, healthy, happy, well-adjusted puppies. We sell all our pet puppies on a spay or neuter contract. Please fill out the questionaire form which will tell me a little about yourself and what you are looking for. I am always available to answer any questions you my have. 

Merle Tucker
  Our New AKC Grand Champion 

 It is very important to me to match these little angels with loving homes who have a desire to help others and will make them a therapy dog in 

"Sharing Puppy Love" is a non profit.
I would love to give you more information when we talk.
Help make a difference healing hearts

Young Hopefuls​ Being shown 2019


If your interested in possibly adding a puppy to your family 
please fill out the questionnaire  it will get e-mailed to me. 
We will talk some and then set up a time for you to come 
meet me and my family of little angels. 

We just moved to beautiful De Luz which is in Temecula. 
We are on over 6 acres, top of a hill with lush green views. It's been 
a lot of work moving all of us here, but we are all settling in and 
I can now focus on placing puppies in their forever homes. 

            Dorie x Grand Champion Presley 
                          DOB 4/29/2019.
             Goldie x Grand Champion Presley 
                          DOB 3/14/2019.
             Minnie x Grand Champion Presley 
                          DOB 5/8/2019.
New Litter Coming Soon!
Here are two loving boys that are available, ready to leave for their forever homes. Already house trained.

Darcy and my AKC Grand Champion Presley
are due to have puppies Oct 31st