We welcome you to view the ladies of 
Castle Creek Cavaliers.
Jewel is a therapy dog 
She passed all his OFA certifications!!!
eyes, heart,hips,patellae & knees

Sire : Evesham Enchanted Evening
Dam : Oak Creek Cause Of Action
Color: Belnheim  v DOB: 07/31/13
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" Amber"
Sire : Castle creek's Loverboy
Dam : Castle Creek's Princess
Color: Belnheim  v DOB: 09/10/10
Sire :GCH Stepamgar Copper Penny
Dam : Castle Creek's Corley
AKC CH Castle Creek's Captured Angel
Color: Ruby  v DOB: 8/3/16
OFFA heart cert. : #KCS-CA559/57F/C-VPI  5/3/16    
OFFA eye cert. :KCS-EYE757/55F-VPI   5/18/15
OFFA Patellar cert: KCK-PA4253/43F/P-VPI 5/28/14
" Lacy"
AKC CH Allevato at Castle Creek
Color: Blenheim  v DOB: 5/15/11
Sire : Heritage Gentlemen Send Roses
Dam : Heritage Mademoiselle Chanel
" Brandy"
Color: Tri  v DOB: 03/30/15
Castle Creek's Amber
OFA Heart cert. #KCS-CA
OFA Eye cert.: KCS-EYE
OFA Patellar cert: KCS-

OFFA Heart cert. KCS-CA5875 /34F/C-PI   4/22/2014
OFFA Eye cert. KCS-EYE455/32F-PI  2/24/2014
OFFA Patellar cert. KCS-PA4254/35F/P-VPI  5/28/2014
Lacy loves to play ball, flashing her tail as she runs through the yard.  It takes a little longer to warm up to you but when she does she is a lover. She sleeps under my arm almost every night. 
She is retired and is part of a Therapy Dog Team in 
"Sharing Puppy Love "

She was born here at Castle Creek Cavaliers. She is my little angel. Happy, content, smart and sooo affectionate.  She was only 10 months old when she was put in the show ring received her two majors before she was a year old.  I am so proud of her.

OFA Heart cert. KCS-CA 7549/41F/C-VPI  1/9/2017
OFA Eye cert. :  KCS-EYE 1399/44F-VPI    4/27/2017 
OFA Patellar cert: KCS-PA4946/25F/P-VPI 09/17/15
OFA Hips cert: KCS-6139G25F-VPI           9/24/2015
OFA Elbow cert: KCS-FL638T25-VPI        9/24/2015

" Corley"
Sire :CH Bentley Park's Lazycroft's Dillon
Dam : Bently Park's Fancy
     OFA Heart cert. : KCS-CA KCS-ACA723/26F-VPI 11/2017 
     OFA  Eye cert. KCS-EYE2813/24F-VPI 11/21/2017 
     OFA Patellar: KCS-PA 5815/23F/P-VPI 8/1/2017
     OFA Hips:KCS-6894F32F-VPI 4/18/18
     OFA Elbows: KCS- EL754F27-VPI 11/27/17
Sire : Castle Creek'a Dean
Dam : Castle Creek's Heart & Soul
AKC Grand Champion
 Castle Creek's Corley
"AKC CH Castle Creek's Piper
Color: Tri  v DOB: 7/26/15
Color: Blenheim  v DOB: 2/12/12
OFA Heart cert.: KCS-CA6239/31F/C-VPI   12/4/2014
OFA EYE cert.: KCS-EYE1126/49F-VPI  3/23/2016
OFA Petellar cert.: KCS-PA4371/30F/P-VPI  9/16/2014
OFA Hips cert: KCS-5947G35F-VPI  GOOD 2/6/2015

She is a Shining Star!
 AKC Grand Champion  
Happy little girl! Loves to play ball or should I say loves to keep Lacy 
from getting the ball (grabs her ear).  She loves life and is a great example 
for me to just watch her. She loves everyone, and has a way 
of making you want to smile. 

She is a Shining Star!
  AKC Champion.
" Princess"
Sire :AKC CH Castle Creek's Dean
Dam : AKC CH Castle Creek's Corley
OFA Heart cert.: KCS- 
OFA EYE cert.: KCS-EYE  
OFFA Patellar cert: KCS-PA

Color: Blenheim  v DOB: 3/30/15

Miss personality, my little happy clown. Even when she was 4 months old she moved like a champion has that special flash. She also won my heart with her loving eyes, she knows just what to do to get me to pick her up for her kisses and belly rub.
CHIC # 103410
AKC Grand Champion
CH Castle Creek's Britney
She is a Shining Star!
 AKC Grand Champion  
She is a Shining Star!
 AKC Champion  
OFA Heart cert. #KCS-CA7557/30F-VPI  10/20/2015
OFA Eye cert.: KCS-EYE1128/30F-VPI  12/07/2015
OFA Patellar cert: KCS-PA390/17F/P-VPI   9/30/2015
OFA Elbow cert: KCS-EL653F32-PI 01/04/2016
Sire :Riley xx
Dam : Castle Creek's Shining Star
Color: Blenheim  v DOB: 3/24/13
CHIC# 110760
Castle Creek's Hannah
Castle Creek's Penny
Color: Blenheim  v DOB: 10/31/15
OFFA Heart cert. #KCS-CA8753/19F/C-VPI  11/20/2017
OFFA Eye cert.: KCS-EYE2812/21F-VPI  11/21/2017
OFA Patellar cert: KCS-PA5816/19F/P-VPI   08/01/2017
OFFA Elbow cert: KCS- 
Sire :Castle Creek's Presley
Dam : Castle Creek's Priceless Paige
AKC Grand Champion
CH Castle Creek's Brandy
OFA heart cert. : #KCS-ACA326/21F-VPI  1/19/17    
OFA eye cert. :KCS-EYE2379/21F-VPI   1/16/17
OFA Patellar cert: KCK-PA5513/21F/P3-VPI 1/19/17
OFA Elbows cert: KCS-EL740F27-VPI
She is a Shining Star!
 AKC Grand Champion  
Sire :CH Castle Creek's Dean
Dam: Grand CH Castle Creek's Corley
Castle Creek's Princess

She is a Shining Star!
  AKC Champion.

She is a Shining Star!
CHICK# 128693
Now Being Shown