"Dogs are not my whole life, but they make my life whole"

   King Charles Cavalier Spaniels are exceptional companions for young and old. They rarely bark, are never aggressive, destructive, or hyper. Instead, they quietly engage people with their expressive, soulful eyes exuding the love and acceptance they feel for their two-legged friends. They have the special gift of quickly connecting with people and making them feel loved. They also do very well with other animals. They have been bred over 400 years to be the perfect companion. 
   Castle Creek Cavalier puppies are provided individual, loving attention inside my Vista, CA home, and develop their beautiful and healthy physiques and temperaments as they run free and play in their acre-plus park-like yard. No cages for these kids! They are from healthy (eye, heart, patellar and hip clear), predominately champion pedigrees, and are treated with their well-being always in mind, as part of my family until they become part of yours.

 I was fortunate to have a father who shared his passion and love for animals and nature with me. When he became ill and moved into a skilled nursing facility, my Cavaliers returned that love and respect. They would cuddle with him and make him smile. Those were precious moments for both of us.  What quickly became evident was the lack of companionship and affection that so many of the facility residents experienced. Many had no one ever visiting them, and had not been outside to get fresh air in years. I could see the depression flee their faces when they saw my Cavaliers. They were hungry to see, pet, and cuddle with my dogs. Soon, I found I was going several times a week to visit them with my Cavaliers. What a difference those visits made in their days!
   It was then that I made the commitment to enable more people to do what I was doing, to train their Cavaliers as therapy dogs and with them to visit the infirmed and create more smiles and the experience of unconditional love so badly needed. “Sharing Puppy Love” was established 2010 as a non-profit corporation to do just that. Most puppies leave Castle Creek Cavaliers matched with new owners committed to becoming a “Therapy Dog Team.” Puppies and new owners start off with basic obedience training at an early age AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and then months later go through AKC Canine Good Citizenship and are prep to pass to be a certified "Therapy Dog Team". These classes are offered here by our certified dog trainers for all our new Cavalier owners.  There are people through out the country in our program certified in the "Sharing Puppy Love program. If not living near San Diego I will walk you through the process so you and your Cavalier can become a "Therapy Dog Team. 
I do not ship my cavaliers, it is very important we meet each other to establish a relationship and for you to be assured your puppy has had a good start. I hope to be involved to assist you in any way I can.


Cavaliers do have genetic health issues to be concerned about, to help reduce the chances of producing puppies with health issues, it is vitally important to breed healthy sound dogs that have been clear several generations back. ALL our dogs are OFFA Eye, Heart, Patellar and Hip certified.  I am committed to continually produce healthy, beautiful Cavaliers, keeping to the breed standard. To help achieve this we do show our dogs and have produced several AKC  champions here at Castle Creek Cavaliers.   I communicate with and learn from breeders across the US who are also members of AKC who are also show/breeders and who are committed to improving the Cavalier breed.

                We would love you to come and visit our happy home, meet the most affectionate 
                     canine family and fall in love. Make one of our happy, enchanting, soulful 
                 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels from Castle Creek Cavaliers to be your very own!

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